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Our team of Waukegan electricians at Hucker Electric have generated the local reputation of being the “Fast Response Team.” It’s important to us that the residents of Lake County know they have access to a generations-old, reliable, and knowledgeable team of electricians who are committed to the safety and smooth operation of their homes. Below, you will find answers to some of the most common electrical questions we receive.

To take advantage of the expertise of the Waukegan electrician with over 80 years of experience, reach out to us today at (847) 662-8384.

Can I reset my own breaker?

Yes. First, disconnect all devices that may have caused the breaker to overload in the first place. Then, make sure the breaker is turned all the way off before attempting to restart. If unsuccessful, there may be a more serious problem that requires the assistance of a Waukegan electrician.

My smoke detector is chirping. What does that mean?

This Could Mean The Detector:

  • Is defective.
  • Has a low battery and requires a replacement.

Why do the bulbs in my fixtures burn out so often?

This Could Be Caused By:

  • Using non-brand name bulbs.
  • High wattage bulbs that overheat and burn out more quickly.
  • Power surges.

Can Hucker Electric help me with TV or telephone wiring problems?

Yes. Unlike in the past, cable and telephone companies are no longer responsible for the equipment or wiring in your home or business. If something goes wrong, it’s on you to bring in an expert who can help you understand why and what to do next. When a problem arises, we invite you to rely on the assistance of one of our Waukegan electricians.

Why do the lights in my house flicker?

Flickering lights could easily be caused by putting excessive strain on your service panel from powering too many appliances. However, in the Waukegan area, the issue is often due to old or improperly installed wiring, which also means there is a heightened risk of fire. We do not recommend that you attempt to fix this issue on your own! A trained and equipped Lake County electrician can safely handle the problem for you.

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (847) 662-8384.

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