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Your electrical panel connects the wires coming in from the street to the electric system in your home or business. While it is not uncommon for people to implement electrical repairs or upgrades over time, the service panel is often neglected. However, when new equipment, media devices, or appliances are added to your home, the strain put on the electrical panel skyrockets. If you find yourself running to the panel to flip the breaker on a regular basis, your panel is likely in desperate need of an upgrade.

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Outdated Electrical Panels Are A Safety Issue

Outdated electrical service panels are not only inefficient and prone to short out but can actually pose a serious danger to you and your home. Unfortunately, the Lake County area is saturated with alarmingly old electric panels. In fact, we know this because Hucker Electric installed some of the original, now-outdated panels as far back as 1929. Today, however, these overworked panels have been the cause of countless fires throughout Waukegan. Upgrading electric panels might not be the most exciting of home projects but updating them could be vital to your personal safety.

Knowing When to Replace Your Electrical Service Panel

If you have never had an electrician service or inspect your electrical panel, you may not be aware of whether it needs to be replaced. There are several reasons that an upgrade could be necessary.

You should consider an Upgrade if:

  • You are installing appliances: New appliances can demand a large amount of energy. If you are installing more than one appliance, there is a good chance you will need to upgrade your amperage to meet the demand.
  • You own an outdated fuse box: On older homes, fuses constantly need to be replaced whenever there is a current overload. Upgrading to a breaker box will save you a headache. Fuses are also a potential fire hazard and should be upgraded at some point.
  • You are building an add-on or renovating: An electrical sub-panel is a great option to consider if you are adding a building on your property or you want your workshop to have its own breaker box. If your renovations include new outlets and power demands, you may need an upgrade.
  • Older wiring: If you live in an older home, be sure to have your wiring inspected. Due to deterioration over time, an older electrical system becomes increasingly less safe if you do not upgrade it.

3 Things to Consider when Upgrading to LED Bulbs

LED bulbs is one great way to save energy and money on your monthly power bills. However, if you’re like most home owners, you know that new home technology usually comes with understanding a thing or two. Below we have provided you with 3 different things to think about before swapping to LED bulbs.
Standard incandescent lighting is at about 2700K (Kelvin) color temperature – LED lighting caries from 2700K to 5000K – the higher the number, the brighter and harsher the light – with a more blue color (colder). The cooler the light, the more like it is that your home take on the lighting and feel of a hospital or department store. Some LED bulbs sit very close to the warmer 2700K range, but you will still notice that they are a little more “harsh” than standard bulbs.
If your existing lights are on dimmers, you may need to upgrade your dimmers to be LED compatible. If you do not, the LED’s may not work properly. As with all electrical systems, incorrect switches or wiring could increase the fire risk in your home. Having a professional electrician inspect your home’s lighting will save you a lot of money and hassle.
This is the part that makes most people want a dimmer switch for their LED bulbs. The brightness of LED bulbs are rated in lumens, and usually, they have an approximate incandescent value in watts listed on the bulb pack so that you can compare. That being said, LED lighting can be a harsher light and is more focused. The light coming from the diodes is not distributed the same way as a traditional bulb.

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Our team knows service panels inside and out. Your electrical panel needs to be handled with professional care. Our Waukegan electrical panel specialist can help you find the best solution for your home, implement the upgrades, and have you back online in no time.

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Our Waukegan electrical breaker box technicians are committed to working quickly and efficiently to keep your home safe and functional with as little disruption to your daily life as possible. Have a look at our Coupons page for deals that we currently offer on our services.

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