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Installing outdoor lighting around your home provides a whole host of benefits. It not only enhances the existing beauty of your property but also discourages crime and provides an added sense of nighttime security for you and your family. One of the Waukegan electricians at Hucker Electric can help guide you through the process, taking into account the dual goals of enhancing both beauty and safety.

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Techniques to Consider

Outdoor Lighting Options Available To You Include:

  • Path lighting – Lines the way to your door for friends and family, creating a welcoming and safe environment

  • Downlighting –Shines from the roof line, yard walls, or trees to create a circle of warm light on walkways, yard features, or other focal points
  • Uplighting – Low-voltage fixtures installed into the ground that illuminate tree trunks, yard features, or your home itself
  • Moonlighting – Fixtures placed in high locations and aimed down to mimic the effect of the natural glow of a full moon
  • Shadowing – Light used to cast the shadow of a tree, sculpture, or other yard feature on a nearby wall
  • Silhouetting – Evenly diffused light placed between an object and a wall to create a pleasing silhouette

Outdoor Lighting Solutions Catered to You

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we know that we need to consider your property, your tastes, your safety, and your budget. When you search for, outdoor lighting companies near me, you want to make sure you find the best electrician for you and your home. With our Waukegan & Lake County electrical contractors are outdoor lighting experts & have been trained to generate custom plans for each home that takes these considerations into account. With our 80+ years of experience, our Waukegan electrical repair technicians will confidently install and repair any possible type of landscape lighting that catches your interest. At Hucker Electric we also can help you with energy savings that will benefit you and your pocket book.

Why Should You Install Landscape Lighting?

Installing landscape lighting can significantly transform both the appearance and functionality of your home. Discover how our Waukegan electricians can help you take aesthetics to the next level and create experiences like never before.

Here are 10 of the top benefits of installing landscape lighting:

  • Optimize security & deter crime
  • Keep family & guests safe
  • Enhance property value & curb appeal
  • Showcase distinct features
  • Enjoy outdoor living spaces at night
  • Create relaxing ambient light
  • Get year-round enjoyment
  • Easily mark property lines
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Entertain guests in new ways

Start getting the most out of your property and maximize its potential. Contact our Waukegan landscape lighting electricians today to get started!

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